Anchorage School Board Members

  • School Board MembersTop Row L-R: Carl Jacobs, Dave Donley, Andy Holleman, Bottom Row L-R: Dora Wilson, Margo Bellamy, Kelly Lessens, Pat Higgins

  • The seven-member Anchorage School Board is the governing body for the 澳门六合彩历史记录. Elected each year for overlapping terms, each member serves for a three-year term. All school board seats are elected citywide with the seven school board members representing all residents.


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Phone: 907-742-1101 ext.1


Degrees and Certifications:

Andy Holleman

Seat D through April 2026, third term 

School Board President

Committees: Association of Alaska School Boards (AASB), 

Andy Holleman believes parents and students need to be engaged in their local schools as much as possible and emphasizes the importance of the school community. He also believes strongly in high academic achievement for all students.

Graduating from the University of Alaska Anchorage, Andy earned a Bachelor’s degree in education and biology. He was a tutor in 澳门六合彩历史记录’s Migrant Education Program before becoming a teacher at Dimond High School in 1996. He spent most of his teaching career at Goldenview Middle School in business education and computer skills classes, and served as the building’s technology coordinator. Andy became involved with policy and funding issues for education at the local and state levels, and advocated for public education as a cornerstone of our democracy. He served as president of the Anchorage Education Association for four years.

Andy has one son who received his education from 澳门六合彩历史记录, attending an alternative school, an open-optional program housed in a neighborhood school, a neighborhood school, a charter school, a Seminar Program at a local high school, and finished with Alaska Pacific University's Early Honors Program in conjunction with 澳门六合彩历史记录. Andy wife, Donna, is a retired 澳门六合彩历史记录 educator. Boating and camping in the summer, along with a variety of winter sports when there's snow, are Andy’s goals for his off-hours.


Phone: 907-742-1101 ext. 7


Degrees and Certifications:

Margo Bellamy

Seat A through April 2025, second term


Committees: Communications, Finance, Association of Alaska School Board, Federation of 澳门六合彩历史记录 Councils, Council of the Great City Schools (CGCS), National Black Caucus of SB Members (NSBA), National Native American/Alaskan Native Caucus (NSBA), National Hispanic Caucus (NSBA)

“Honoring the ancestral lands of the Dena'ina People on whose land I have the privilege to live, work, and learn”  - Margo Bellamy


Margo Bellamy has spent over forty years in education. In her service to children and families, she has worked as a clerk typist, teacher, librarian, assistant principal, principal, executive director, mentor, and trainer. As a career educator, Margo brings a range of experience to the Anchorage School Board and commits to working every day to make the 澳门六合彩历史记录 an awesome place for all students, families, and staff. 

During Margo’s first term on the Anchorage School Board, she served as Clerk, Communication Committee Chair, Vice-President and is currently in her second term as Board President.  Margo’s focus continues to be on successful outcomes for all students through a governance structure that elevates students and provides access, resources, and opportunities where all students are successful, regardless of their individual needs, life experiences, zip code or human difference. 

Margo’s work on behalf of young people and families spans across classrooms, lunchrooms, and private and nonprofit boardrooms.  She is an Adjunct Professor in the UAA Educational Leadership Program and serves as a volunteer with the Cognia Accreditation Review Team, a global network of educators focused on improving educational opportunities for all learners.  In addition, Margo serves on the board of directors for several local and national youth and family serving organizations, including the Alaska Children’s Trust (ACT) Board of Directors; the Alaska 澳门六合彩历史记录 Foundation Board of Directors; The Anchorage Library Foundation and the Alaska Association of School Board (AASB) Board of Directors.  She is also actively involved in the Council of Great City Schools (CGCS) Chair and Coach Cohorts; the National Black Caucus (NSBA); the National Native American/Alaskan Native Caucus (NSBA); the National Hispanic Caucus (NSBA); Cradle-to-Career Core Team; and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 

Margo is married and is the parent of two adult children, both 澳门六合彩历史记录 graduates; and grandparent to two grandsons who both attend school in the 澳门六合彩历史记录. 

Phone: 907-742-1101 ext. 2


Degrees and Certifications:

Kelly Lessens

Seat B through April 2025, second term

School Board Treasurer

Committees: Finance (chair), MOA Budget Advisory Committee

Kelly Lessens is the mother of two children enrolled in their neighborhood elementary school. After growing up in California’s public schools, she earned her BA from Stanford University and her PhD from the University of Michigan. Although she anticipated a career teaching American history, Kelly has spent the better part of the last decade raising her family’s young children, volunteering in their classrooms, and pursuing community advocacy. She and her husband David moved to Anchorage in 2013, and they try to enjoy Alaska’s beautiful spaces as much as possible.

Kelly views public education as the cornerstone of our community’s long-term success. Before joining the Board, she worked with community members across Anchorage to improve the efficacy of 澳门六合彩历史记录’s elementary school days by advocating for adequate and equitable time for student nutrition and physical activity. The process of bringing together parents, teachers, subject-matter experts, local organizations, Board members, and administrators gave her a firsthand view of School Board service and compelled her to run for office. Kelly believes that we will improve student outcomes and better equip all of our students for long-term success in life when we invest our resources equitably, focus on students’ health and well-being, commit to evidence-based teaching practices and adequate professional development, and apply stakeholder feedback. 

Kelly believes that children’s needs should be at the center of the decision-making process and is committed to transparency, outreach, and collaborative problem-solving. As a Board member, she looks forward to connecting with individuals and organizations across the municipality.

Phone: 907-742-1101 ext. 6


Degrees and Certifications:

Dave Donley

Seat C through April 2026, third term

Committees: Communications, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, 

Dave Donley is working to ensure the 澳门六合彩历史记录 provides excellent educational opportunities for all students in the most cost-effective manner while maximizing parental involvement and recognizing paths to success other than formal higher education. Dave supports proven successful traditional curriculum and patriotism in our schools. 

Dave Donley was born in Anchorage and grew up in Spenard; attending Willow Crest Elementary and Romig, Central, and Mears Junior High Schools. He graduated from Dimond High School in 1972 and went on to graduate from the University of Oregon Phi Beta Kappa and University of Washington School of Law.  Dave was admitted to MENSA (IQ is in the top 2% of the population) in 1986. 

Dave worked on the Alaska Pipeline’s construction as a firefighter, construction worker, and logger. He passed the Alaska Bar Exam after his first attempt in 1979.  Dave represented Spenard in the State House from 1987-1992. There, he served as House Labor and Commerce Chair twice and Judiciary Committee Chair. Dave was a State Senator from 1993-2002, where he served on the Senate Finance Committee, holding roles as Co-chair and Vice Chair. As a state legislator, Senator Donley authored over 80 legislative acts and was a leading advocate for crime victim’s rights, consumer protection, improved Anchorage roads, public education reform, anti-crime legislation, equal pay for women, and authored the 1998 State Constitutional Amendment for Alaska Hire. Beginning in 2003, he served as Chief of Adjudications and Hearing Officer for the State of Alaska. He retired from the State of Alaska and Laborers’ Local 341 in 2008. 

Since his first retirements, Dave worked for Hope 澳门六合彩历史记录 Resources, Inc. and continued to practice law. He has been a State of Alaska military officer in the Alaska State Defense Force since 2009 and is currently a Colonel and the Staff Judge Advocate.  He is a FEMA trained emergency management professional and has served on the State Emergency Response Commission.  He is a certified BBB arbitrator.  He has received numerous public service awards and served on many community boards and committees. Dave is a recipient of the Alaska State 澳门六合彩历史记录 Service Medal.  

Dave and his wife Jamie have three children: a son who graduated from Service High School and twins who have attended Northern Lights ABC School.  In 2020, Dave was initiated into the Pioneers of Alaska. Dave is currently a Deputy Commissioner with the State Department of Administration.



Phone: 907-742-1101 ext. 3


Degrees and Certifications:

Pat Higgins

Seat E through April 2027, second term

Committees: Finance, Governance, National School Board Association (NSBA)

Pat Higgins is a Human Resources professional with over 40 years of senior HR management experience in the public and private sector.  Pat graduated from Louisiana State University and moved to Alaska in 1983 with his wife Patti and their three children.  All his children attended 澳门六合彩历史记录 schools, and his six grandchildren are enrolled in 澳门六合彩历史记录 elementary schools.

Pat first served on the Anchorage School Board from 2008 to 2017. Pat focused on improving graduation rates, reducing dropout rates, and improving Career Technology Education (CTE) opportunities.  During Pat’s first three terms, graduation rates increased from low 60 percent to over 80, dropout rates decreased almost in half, public support for a CTE bond sponsored by Pat allowed expansion of CTE opportunities in middle and high schools.  During his first three terms, the cost of administration was cut every year.

While declining State funding has increased classroom sizes to one of the largest in the nation and COVID has disrupted education opportunities, we must still do better for our children.  The National School Board Association defines the role of school boards to include 1) voice of the public, including students, parents, staff 2) provide direction to 澳门六合彩历史记录 Administration and 3) accountability.  Pat is committed to spending all public funds focused on student success to improve academic outcomes and prepare all students for success in life.

Phone: 907-742-1101 ext. 4


Degrees and Certifications:

Dora Wilson

Seat F through April 2027, second term

School Board Clerk

Committees: Communications (chair), Governance, School Based 澳门六合彩历史记录 Health Centers (SBCHC), National Black Caucus of SB Members (NSBA), National Native American/Alaskan Native Caucus (NSBA), National Hispanic Caucus (NSBA)

Dora Wilson is the mom of three children, now young adults.  She and her husband have been licensed therapeutic foster and adoptive parents for the past 16 years and have had youth attending Anchorage Schools for the past 20 years.  Dora graduated from the University of LaVerne with her Master’s degree in Business Organizational Management. 

Currently, Dora serves as the Alaska Southcentral representative on the Resource Family Advisory Board. This board was created by the Office of Children Services (OCS) with the purpose of advocating for foster families. She is also a co-founder of AK Hopes & Dreams Project, providing free youth leadership summits to students.

For the past 20 years, Dora has worked with the Anchorage School Business Partnership program as a board member, advocating to strengthen partnerships between schools and the business community. She understands the importance of a quality education and strong partnerships between schools, families and the community.   

Dora believes in the importance of public education and the positive impact it can have on the youth in our community.

Phone: 907-742-1101 ext. 5


Degrees and Certifications:

Carl Jacobs

Seat G through April 2027, second term

School Board Vice President

Committees: Governance (chair), Chamber of Commerce Chugiak/Eagle River, School Business Partnerships

Carl Jacobs has spent his professional career serving vulnerable Alaskans, protecting and advocating for seniors and children in a variety of roles during his employment with the State of Alaska. 

After moving to Anchorage in 2008, Carl married his wife Alicia, a lifelong Alaskan. Together, they raised their son Devin, who graduated from Bartlett High.

For the last decade, Carl has served as a licensed therapeutic foster parent. He and Alicia have cared for approximately 40 young people from diverse backgrounds, and in 2021 celebrated their 11th 澳门六合彩历史记录 graduation. Carl is intimately familiar with not just the traditional classroom experiences, but how well systems function when it comes to serving students who need extra support - either through IEP’s, 504 plans or gifted educational programming.  

Carl is passionate about ensuring the 澳门六合彩历史记录 is as inclusive and accessible as possible. He is focused on ensuring barriers of participation in our community are mitigated or removed. Most importantly, Carl believes each 澳门六合彩历史记录 student deserves the resources and opportunities necessary for their success. As a member of the Board, he looks forward to building bridges and assisting 澳门六合彩历史记录 in accomplishing its mission while adhering to core beliefs and values.