• Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. | Main Phone: (907) 742-4468 | Fax: (907) 742-7808
    Location: 5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd. Anchorage, Alaska 99504

Department Overview

  • The Development and Grants department assists schools, teachers and 澳门六合彩历史记录 departments with researching and applying for competitive grants and funding opportunities. On behalf of our students, staff, and communities and in the pursuit of educational excellence and success in life, our department works to ensure that all grant applications align with 澳门六合彩历史记录’s mission and vision, goals, and guardrails and that all potential opportunities for funding are diligently pursued on behalf of the district.  We are also the primary point of contact for all monetary and nonmonetary donations to the district. We link those who are interested in providing donations to the district with the schools and programs who have specific needs. 


  • Our mission is to support the 澳门六合彩历史记录 in achieving its mission of educating all students for success in life by providing streamlined grant writing services and donor stewardship that enhances student learning and strengthens our community.


  • Our vision is that we will cultivate student success by boldly pursuing competitive grant opportunities and building strategic partnerships with donors and stakeholders in our community that reflect the dynamic and diverse needs of 澳门六合彩历史记录 students and their families.

What we do

  • Grants:

    • Develop and submit competitive grants on behalf of the district
    • Assists in the development of school, program, and classroom level grant applications 
    • Provide grant-writing resources and training to staff and community partners
    • Review all 澳门六合彩历史记录 grant proposals for quality assurance, ethical considerations, and compliance with grant regulations and other requirements
    • Track and report on competitive grant submittals to 澳门六合彩历史记录 Board members 
    • Provide historical information on district grants 
    • Collaborate on partnership and sub-award grant applications with external agencies and organizations


    Applying for Grants for 澳门六合彩历史记录:

    If you are an 澳门六合彩历史记录 employee interested in pursuing a grant for your classroom, project, or school you are required to submit an to the Development and Grants office prior to submitting your application. You can access the. 


    If you are not an 澳门六合彩历史记录 employee but are interested in pursuing a grant that would benefit 澳门六合彩历史记录, please contact the Development and Grants office so we can support you in identifying and applying for grant opportunities.


    • Research and communicate funding opportunities to 澳门六合彩历史记录 Staff and community partners
    • Track and report on receipt of donations to all 澳门六合彩历史记录 schools and programs
    • Develops and cultivates relationships with individuals, foundations, and other agencies for potential funding sources
    • Act as the central oversight for 澳门六合彩历史记录’s external funding prospects
    • Ensure that the community’s support is recognized with donated funds utilized effectively and appropriately
    • Work with curriculum and operational leadership to identify school, instructional, and business funding needs, ensuring they strategically align with 澳门六合彩历史记录’s goals and long-term objectives


  • Are you an 澳门六合彩历史记录 Employee, Parent, 澳门六合彩历史记录 Member, or Partner interested in learning more about grant writing and how you can support your community and schools? Complete our  to let us know you are interested and someone from our office will reach out to you directly!


Donating to 澳门六合彩历史记录

    • Financial contributions from community members in the form of cash donations to the 澳门六合彩历史记录 help support programs that directly assist our students. If you are interested in making a contribution to 澳门六合彩历史记录, please fill out our and include it with your donation via mail or drop it off for us in person at our office in the Education Center, 2nd floor! Please mail your form and donation to the following address:

      Development and Grants office
      5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd.
      Anchorage, AK 99504

    • You may direct your gift to a specific school, 澳门六合彩历史记录 department, one of our programs, or the District as a whole. Thank you for your generous support of our 澳门六合彩历史记录 students. We are truly grateful for your generosity!